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Today it is imperative to have a website for your business. Its ultimate advantage is that it is searchable at any time and thus provides information about your business to all potential customers, which represents a very broad marketing (almost worldwide), and all this at a lower cost. The website presents your activities, your productions, and opens a window of dialogue between you and your customers. The website therefore considerably increases your visibility.

Another very important aspect is that the website increases your credibility because it makes you look more professional. We are more apt to trust a company that has been listed on Google than one that is not there.

How to have a website?

You will understand that the website is very important for your business. It must therefore be done well. Today, there are different tools designed for a new trend, to allow people who do not have enough programming knowledge to be able to create websites quite easily. So this can be a solution for you if you want to do it yourself without programming knowledge. We can cite some of these solutions like free CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Prestashop), proprietary CMS like WIX and many others.

You can also opt for turnkey websites, because some agencies like SMART DESIGN offer turnkey websites for prices ranging from € 500 to € 5,000. This is a flat-rate service that is perfectly suited if you have a website creation project that is not too complex and has little time available. Generally, this type of service includes the installation and configuration of technical tools, customization to your company and hosting for one year. The majority of service providers are naturally prepared to carry out specific developments or offer additional services, in addition to the initial package.

You may also prefer so-called “tailor-made” development, which is naturally the best solution when you have specific needs and a real budget for your website creation project. For a tailor-made development, the key question is that of the choice of the service provider. This involves making a serious call for tenders, after having written a precise brief. After submitting your brief to various providers, you will receive quotes in return, which you will need to analyze in detail to select the agency that best understood your needs and seems trustworthy. Entrusting your project to a web agency for tailor-made development does not mean that you will have nothing more to do. The follow-up of the project is very important, and supposes a certain investment on your part.

Ask for advice

So you have a whole range of solutions available, so a choice to make, you can therefore seek the advice of a professional or take advice from a reputable agency such as SMART DESIGN.

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