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1. What is a mobile application?

Simply put, a mobile application is downloadable software that we easily install on our smartphone as we do with any software on our laptop. So, it’s a bit like a website for mobile users, but functionally it is defined as software.

An application can therefore operate without an internet connection, with an internet connection, interact with other mobile users (social networks), etc.

2. Types of mobile applications

native, hybrid, web mobile

From a programming point of view, there are three types of mobile application, namely:

– Native application: This is an application designed with a programming language specific to a given mobile operating system (Java for Android, Objective C for IOS, C # for Windows Phone, etc.)

This mode of application is only accessible on platforms specific to the systems in question (Play Store for Android, App Store for IOS, etc.). These platforms take 25% of the selling price for a paid native application.

Native applications best respect the philosophy of the system in question, it adapts best to the system with more professional, developed and efficient functions compared to

The concern with native applications is that users must have a particular mobile operating system before they can use them. To ensure more exponential use of these mobile applications, you have to think about launching the same mobile application compatible with any mobile operating system, and this is one of the big problems with these applications. Because it would be necessary to have several specialized development teams each on a particular operating system.

go to native, go to web, go to hybrid

– Web application: Any application designed with HTML and CSS that is more operational on a web browser for a smartphone is called a web application.

No matter what operating system your smartphone is, you can access the web application through its browser, so you don’t need to download it. Since it does not take into account the persistent discrepancies between operating systems and smartphone brands, the web application lacks ergonomics and moreover it does not use the smartphone’s memory which places it in inferiority compared to the native application.

– Hybrid application: This is a mobile application that merges web applications and native applications. In this way, the mobile application will be accessible on all application platforms.

This type of mobile application minimizes the costs and the duration of its development (because, one needs only one development team for all the systems, instead of three teams) even if this will be to the detriment of improvement and of the quality which characterizes the native application.

Note that hybrid applications are accessible exclusively on iPhone and Android.

3. Choice of mobile application

The selection criteria are multiple, you can choose according to performance requirements (speed of opening, execution of tasks …), according to the allocated budget, available staff …

Native applications may require more money, but they offer more performance and reliability.

Web and hybrid applications reduce the budget well, to the detriment of some slight technical imperfections. It is therefore up to you to watch and judge according to your expectations.


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