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Africa Is Now One Of The Pillars Of Digital Communication

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the irruption of digital in the world of digital communication

Thunderclap in a clear sky, the irruption of digital in the world of digital communication has brought about a profound change in traditional communication paradigms. This wave of renewal spares no country, Africa included. The African continent, like the rest of the world, is more and more immersed in this relatively new style of communication that is digital or digital.

On the strength of this observation, some observers have also decreed, if not very imminent death, at least the decline of traditional media, such as television, posters or advertisements in the written press. Digital communication, also called “digital communication” (Anglicism), is a field of information science relating to the use of all digital media: the web, social media or mobile devices for example. This enthusiasm for digital technology is justified, according to many professionals, by a more advantageous value for money, but also by a very high capacity of digital communication to reach broader targets. In any case, this phenomenon is a real boon for job seekers who will be able to find more opportunities in this sector.

Many Internet users on the continent

In an Africa where there are over 300 million Internet users, digital platforms, tools and payment methods have literally changed the habits and behaviors of consumers on the continent. Social media usage in Africa increased by 50% in 2016 and there are now some 170 million social media users, of which 150 million are mobile. In light of this trend, a strong web presence becomes even more important for businesses to establish a strong footprint among African consumers.

What are the challenges for foreign investors?

The challenge of digital communication for foreign investors is such that the big annual meeting of the Swiss-African Business Circle (SABC), “ Africa Business Day»Which took place on June 23, 2017 in Zurich was placed under the theme of continuous digitization in Africa. The Swiss-African Business Circle (SABC) is one of the main organizations that offer Swiss companies active in African countries and Swiss and African government officials a platform to share their experience in this market. For Tobias Becker, one of the members of the expert group and director for Africa of the Swiss technological conglomerate, ABB Group, (present in 10 African countries), it is important to distribute productive competition between African countries. This is one of the main preconditions for attracting more foreign companies to Africa, especially in the manufacturing sector.

Digital communication and job creation in Africa

One of the practical consequences of this trend towards the digitalization of communication in Africa is the birth of new types of professions on the African market which now offers more opportunities to job seekers. With the digital revolution, communication professions are multiplying. Businesses and organizations are forced to adapt to the pace of technological change and the emergence of new media. The digital communication professions are increasingly on the rise in Africa. From webmarketer to digital project manager, passing to Community manager and brand Content Manager, new professions are emerging in Africa in order to respond to digital communication professions. This is all the more understandable as each innovation corresponds to a new need.

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